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022: Talking with Ro of Gamers’ Plane

Ro developed Gamers' Plane, a play by post RPG site designed to expand the tabletop community. Ro and Jim talk about how Ro got into the world of tabletop, passion for play-by-post RPGs, and how playing has helped Ro deal with depression.

021: Talking with Rich Baker

Rich Baker, a talented and experienced game designer, sits down with Jim to talk about how he got started in the industry with TSR, what it was like to work on 80% of the Dungeons & Dragons releases, changes within tabletop over the past 30 years, and his work with Sasquatch Games.

020: Talking with Chris of Misdirected Mark

Chris, from the Misdirected Mark podcast, sits down and talks with Jim about the current state of the industry, the brand that is Dungeons & Dragons, what it's like starting a production company, and shares some personal struggles he has dealt with.

019: Talking about our news with Michael

Jim sits down with Michael, from the RPG Academy, and talks about how and why Talking TableTop will be switching to the One Shot Podcast network in the coming weeks.

018: Talking with Caleb G

Caleb from the RPG Academy, a.k.a. Professor Crunch, talks with Jim about getting into gaming, his revelations about his changing interests in gaming and the RPG Academy

011: Emily Plays Game 1, Part 1

Emily lets us listen in on her first full session as GM. We join in on the entire game as it happened to see what people can expect to experience during a tabletop session.

017: Talking with Rob Stith

Rob Stith, a writer and game designer, sits down with Jim to talk about how a podcast brought him back into tabletop, talks through his current projects, and offers his experience with a range of different project types

010: Emily Incorporates PCs

Emily and Jim talk through incorporation of PCs and how she will utilize their stories to contribute to the experience.

016: Talking with Chris Foster

Chris Foster, a fan and active member of the tabletop community, talks with Jim about how tabletop helped him develop, kept a single group of people together, and distinctly different viewpoints for L5R

015: Talking with Jack & Jeff

Jack and Jeff of Monkey House Games talk to Jim about game design and publication. They primarily talk about how after writing Villains and Vigilantes, they had to fight to save their own game.

009: Emily Recaps Session 0

Emily and Jim talk through what has happened the past couple weeks as well as all the details of Session 0 with an in-depth discussion of scheduling.

014: Talking with The Angry GM

The Angry GM, also known as Scott, talks with Jim about his beginnings, his future, the current state of the industry, the impact of crowdfunding, and other tabletop subjects.

013: Talking with Emily

Emily is another half of the duo that hosts She's a Super Geek – a live play RPG podcast. Emily and Jim take some time to talk about how Emily got into tabletop, her first time as GM, character creation, and plenty more.

012: Talking with PK Sullivan

PK Sullivan, a game designer and writer living in Chicago, takes the time to sit and talk with Jim about all things tabletop and game design.

011: Talking with John Zinser

John Zinser, CEO of Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), takes the time to talk with Jim not only as CEO, but as an active member of the tabletop industry.

008: Emily Spitballs

Emily and Jim spend some time talking through some non-specific points of how the campaign will unfold. They cover what expectations Emily has had and some ways she has adjusted when these expectations may not match potential reality.

010: Talking with Phil Vecchione

Phil Vecchione spends some time talking through all the great ways he has taken part in the world of tabletop. Phil and Jim cover how life and tabletop can balance, how Phil started contributing to the industry, and the evolution of GM styles.

009: Talking with Michael

Michael, from the RPG Academy, takes some time and gets into some deeper tabletop subjects with Jim. Covering everything from how they got started in tabletop, challenges of running a podcast, and how life can affect, or be affected by tabletop.

007: Emily Writes Her First Scene

Emily takes over the show and talks through how she set up her first full scene. She covers her thought process and how she considers the players.

008: Talking with Mark Richardson

Mark sits down with Jim as they talk through his brand new game, Headspace, the art of Co-GMing, how Mark got into tabletop and game development.

006: Emily Creates Conflict(s)

Emily takes Jim through how she will take the players into the conflict that makes up the story. They talk about how the conflict will push the story forward, offering both general ideas and specific encounters.

007: Talking with Chris Hussman

Chris, from the Fear the Boot podcast, takes some time to talk with Jim about gaming at conventions, evangelizing the hobby, and revisiting some notable past experiences.

005: Emily Gets Inspired

Emily talks with Jim about a game she recently played and how she is able to pull inspiration and guidance from her experiences.

006: Talking with Hamish

Hamish is a game designer from New Zealand. He sits down with Jim to talk about his game: The Sprawl. They also cover Hamish's love of action movies, what it takes to put out a game, and many other tabletop topics.

005: Talking with James D’Amato

James D'Amato, the host and co-creator of the OneShot Podcast and the Campaign Podcast talks through a range of in-depth tabletop subjects with Jim.

004: Emily takes on Mechanics and Rules and System Specifics

Emily and Jim dive into the daunting task of system mechanics. They talk through some practices that will hopefully increase her comfort level as she puts the rules into effect.

004: Talking with Darcy Ross

Darcy Ross sits down with Jim. They cover the worlds of Numenera and L5R as well as tactics for being a successful GM through development of story, environment and character. Oh, and snails.

003: Emily Creates NPCs

We meet back up with Emily after she went through the process of developing NPCs for her first L5R campaign which she has officially named Through the Veil of Smoke and Stones. Join us as she walks Jim through how it all went.

003: Talking with Senda

Senda hosts a live play RPG podcast – She's a Super Geek – along with Emily. Jim get to sit down with Senda as they talk through quite a few tabletop topics.

002: Emily vs. the First Scene

In the second episode of our series, Emily begins to craft the specifics of her campaign. Join us as she goes through the initial steps of preparation and takes note of potential pitfalls for a new GM.

002: Talking with Kat Kuhl

Kat Kuhl is the host and GM of the Campaign Podcast from the One Shot network. She sits down with Jim and talks about all things related to tabletop, storytelling, and nerd hobbies.

001: Emily Starts the Journey

Talking TableTop: Hero's Journey is all about Emily as she begins her first GM experience. The first episode of our companion podcast for Talking TableTop, we will follow Emily over the next few months as she develops her campaign.

Episode 001: Talking with Rich Howard

Rich Howard chats with Jim about how they got started in tabletop, Rich's love for aquatic campaigns, their personal legacies,, and Rich's incredible article: A Writer’s Guide to Roleplaying: Developing Character at the Table.