007: Emily Writes Her First Scene

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Emily takes over the show and talks through how she set up her first full scene. She covers her thought process and how she considers the players.


The Angry GM, How to Talk to Players: The Art of Narration

Check the Show Notes:

  • 1:26: Emily talks about her homework from last week and all of the preparation she has done for her first scene.
  • 6:06: Emily gives us her very first scene exactly how it will be displayed to the players.
  • 9:27: Jim presses Emily for more details and she goes into the second part of her first scene.
  • 14:18: Emily talks about ways she plans on improvising aspects of the story to keep it moving forward while incorporation player choices.

One thought on “007: Emily Writes Her First Scene”

  1. Jim and Emily,
    This podcast has been incredible. I have been away from RPG’s for quite some time. Now I am working to GM for my family. Love the step by step planning/prep and can relate to much of the desires to be good and being nervous that I am not up to the challenge. Thank you for this gem of a podcast.

    Emily spoke of an article that she used to research narrating scenes. Can we get a link to this article?

    Is this podcast going to continue on OneShot network? Would love to continue following Emily and would be great to see it revisited with another new GM.

    Best regards,

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