Episode 001: Talking with Rich Howard

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rich Howard chats with Jim about how they got started in tabletop, Rich’s love for aquatic campaigns, their personal legacies, Tribality.com, and Rich’s incredible article: A Writer’s Guide to Roleplaying: Developing Character at the Table.



Check the Show Notes:

    • 3:25: Rich talks about his first ever tabletop experience as an 8 year-old kid brought to the game by his brother and how his first ever die roll lead to a lifetime of fun.
    • 8:54: Rich talks about falling in love with Champions in 1983 and running his first superhero style games and his brother returning from the Air Force to teach them how to really role-play.
    • 12:29: Jim talks about his first ever terrible tabletop game that he was not really welcomed at, and the difference between tabletop players and TCG players.
    • 17:05: Jim and Rich talk about 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons, bringing new people into tabletop, and what systems they like to use for new tabletop players.
    • 24:13: Rich talks about his favorite setting to run tabletop games in, the aquatic setting and gives a glimpse into the alien word that is underwater life.
    • 35:39: Rich talks about the website Tribality, how it came to be, and what it is doing.
    • 39:50: Rich talks about his first article for Tribality, The Writer’s Guide to Roleplaying – an article providing advice to players as opposed to GMs.
    • 59:40: Rich answers the questions ‘What one piece of advice would you give a brand new player?’, and ‘What one piece of advice would you give an experienced tabletop player?’
    • 1:10:55: Jim begins asking the hard questions.
    • 1:16:56: Rich talks about where you can find and interact with him.

Our Guest Relics:

Rich Howard’s original receipt from 1983 for his Champions game book.