Our Mission Statement

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Talking TableTop is an interview style talk show about exploring the people of RPGs as much as the hobby itself. It is a celebration of the human condition. The games designers, podcasters, convention goers, GMs, and players that bring such wonderful life to RPGs all have their own story to tell. Unfortunately this story rarely gets told. These personal tales are usually buried somewhere beneath all the glitz and glam of selling a product or promoting an event.

This is what we aim to bring with Talking TableTop. A candid discussion where we learn about who the people are that make up the hobby we love. We want to know about the personal struggles and victories that made them who they are now. Their loves, their fears, their wants and desires all put out in the open.

This show is not only about being entertaining, it is about presenting something that is truly sincere.