009: Talking with Michael

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Michael, from the RPG Academy, takes some time and gets into some deeper tabletop subjects with Jim. Covering everything from how they got started in tabletop, challenges of running a podcast, and how life can affect, or be affected by tabletop.


The RPG Academy

Check the Show Notes:

  • 2:05: Michael and Jim talk about the extraordinary coincidences that marked their first meeting.
  • 9:10: Michael talks about what got him into podcasting and how he came to start the RPG Academy.
  • 14:09: Michael talks about some of the challenges and failures of running a podcast.
  • 24:25: Michael talks about playing in the L5r game and his thoughts on running serious drama in tabletop.
  • 35:34: Jim starts the hard questions early and Micheal talks about his unique perspective of the hobby because of dramatic life events.

Our Guest Relics:

Michael’s original Dungeons & Dragons book

The RPG Academy podcast recording room