007: Talking with Chris Hussman

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Chris, from the Fear the Boot podcast, takes some time to talk with Jim about gaming at conventions, evangelizing the hobby, and revisiting some notable past experiences.


Fear the Boot, RPG Podcast Table Tales

Check the Show Notes:

  • 3:14: Chris talks about the limits on topics of discussion within the world of RPGs.
  • 12:20: Chris talks about how his likes and tastes have changed over the last 30 years of playing RPGs.
  • 19:05: Chris and Jim talk about conventions and what it is like to run games at conventions for people outside of the GMs normal friend group.
  • 25:25: Chris talks about the expansion of the hobby and what his term “evangelize the hobby” means.
  • 36:24: Chris gives advice on how to spread the hobby of tabletop RPs to people that are not familiar with the hobby.
  • 52:50: The hard questions begin.
  • 57:00: Chris talks about what it was like to write RPG games and his failure to get his dream job.

Our Guest Relics:

Two pics from the ‘Red Dawn meets Breakfast Club’ themed Savage Worlds event Chris recently did.

These were the pre-gen character sheets and bios.