006: Talking with Hamish

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hamish is a game designer from New Zealand. He sits down with Jim to talk about his game: The Sprawl. They also cover Hamish’s love of action movies, what it takes to put out a game, and many other tabletop topics.


Hamish on Twitter
Ardens Ludere

Check the Show Notes:

  • 1:51: Hamish and Jim talk about their love of trading card games and what it was like trying to get into the hobby in New Zealand.
  • 8:30: Hamish talks about getting into game design with a Fighting Fantasy heart breaker.
  • 13:44: Hamish introduces a new term “Tunnel of Fun”, a consensual form of railroading.
  • 20:54: Hamish talks about his love of action movies and how that has influenced what he plays and how he designs games.
  • 30:40: Hamish talks about some of the hardships and difficulties he faced while making The Sprawl.
  • 41:09: Hamish talks about designing games out in the open and what he thinks of the concerns of people stealing designers ideas.
  • 52:33: The hard questions begin.

2 thoughts on “006: Talking with Hamish”

  1. Jim, another thing you should ask yourself about your Powered by the Apocalypse wrestling game is what makes it different from another Powered by the Apocalypse wrestling game that has been receiving a lot of buzz lately, World Wide Wrestling. Will this give the players an experience that is substantially distinct from WWW?

  2. Thanks for the reply!

    I have played and own World Wide Wrestling. I really like the game and I am working on getting the creator to come on Talking TableTop for an interview. My issue with WWW as a long term game is it does not do what I specially want from a wrestling game. I want the game to be about the matches, and telling story through a wrestling match. WWW treats matches as sort of a mini-game. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach, it is just not exactly what I am looking for.

    My prowrestling game is not a PbtA (sorry if that was confusing during the show), it has a unique system I developed.