004: Talking with Darcy Ross

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Darcy Ross sits down with Jim. They cover the worlds of Numenera and L5R as well as tactics for being a successful GM through development of story, environment and character. Oh, and snails.


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Check the Show Notes:

  • 5:55: Darcy describes how she got into tabletop from the world of video games and literature.
  • 8:08: Darcy talks about how she got into GMing and her first experience with Numenera at GenCon.
  • 13:05: Darcy talks about what it is like to get new players into systems that have extensive settings and how she goes about indoctrinating them into the world.
  • 22:58: Darcy and Jim talk about the Numenera game they played together at GenCon and the art of ‘using the most interesting thing in the environment’ to influence players.
  • 32:35: Darcy talks about moving on from solely doing one shots to running a full on campaign and the differences between these two types of play.
  • 42:20: Darcy talks about designing NPCs and her unique approach to subverting troupe.
  • 58:42: The hard questions begin.

Our Guest Relics:

Some of Darcy’s “Richard” maps from past campaigns