003: Talking with Senda

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Senda hosts a live play RPG podcast – She’s a Super Geek – along with Emily. Jim get to sit down with Senda as they talk through quite a few tabletop topics.


She’s a Super Geek
Senda on Twitter

Check the Show Notes:

  • 3:12: Senda shares her first ever tabletop experience and her love of playing a Kender.
  • 10:42: Senda answers if she prefers to be a player or GM and how she came her preferred method of tabletop play.
  • 14:56: Senda talks about some of the unique systems she has played for her podcast and what she enjoys about 2 player RPGs.
  • 22:22: Senda talks about her long dry spell of tabletop play and what it was like to come back to RPGs after 5 years.
  • 28:20:* Senda talks about what it was like trying to game with a group where some players were face to face and some players were online.
  • 34:05: Send talks about Contessa, what the organization does, and how she is involved with it.
  • 43:50: Jim starts asking the hard questions.

Our Guest Relics:

This was a character sheet Senda made for her son before he could read very well. He marked off hearts for each HP because he loves legend of Zelda.