003: Emily Creates NPCs

Thursday, September 17, 2015

We meet back up with Emily after she went through the process of developing NPCs for her first L5R campaign which she has officially named Through the Veil of Smoke and Stones. Join us as she walks Jim through how it all went.

Check the Show Notes:

  • 1:40: Emily reveals the name of her Legend of the Five Rings campaign.
  • 4:00: Emily talks about the five NPCs she created for the game and the first person the players will meet.
  • 12:49: Emily talks about the two bonus NPCs that she made above and beyond her homework. The final villain and… a spy.
  • 17:32: Emily talks about an idea for an early interaction with one of the NPCs and the presenting of three gifts to the players.
  • 20:20: Emily talks about how she will distinguish the various NPCs in the players mind.
  • 23:05: Jim gives Emily her homework for the show.