002: Talking with Kat Kuhl

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kat Kuhl is the host and GM of the Campaign Podcast from the One Shot network. She sits down with Jim and talks about all things related to tabletop, storytelling, and nerd hobbies.


The One Shot Podcast
The Campaign Podcast

Check the Show Notes:

  • 2:59: Kat describes her first tabletop experience and ponders how there has not been a high school style RPG game made yet (one that does not involve monsters).
  • 8:06: Kat talks about her literature background and how it came to influence her GMing style and the Campaign Podcast.
  • 12:46: Kat and Jim talk about their love affair for some of the best stories of all time including Watchman and Gundam Wing.
  • 16:10: Kat and Jim start to list all the nerd hobbies she has taken part in during her life.
  • 21:39: Kat talks about how she got into being a GM and her gaming club in college.
  • 25:08: Kat and Jim talk about their approaches to telling a story and how they construct a story for tabletop RPGs.
  • 35:34: Jim talks about the Legend of the Five Rings game that was on One Shot Podcast and how that story was told.
  • 39:25: Kat and Jim talk about expressing emotion though tabletop role playing.
  • 48:42: Kat talks about some non-standard and experimental game types she has ran including a multi-year large scale LARP she created and took part in.
  • 55:47: Kat talks about the notion of having a “main character” and how to shine the spotlight around on all the players.
  • 1:00:49: The hard questions begin.

Our Guest Relics:

Excel character sheet from a college RPG where Kat played herself.