001: Emily Starts the Journey

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Talking TableTop: Hero’s Journey is all about Emily as she begins her first GM experience. The first episode of our companion podcast for Talking TableTop, we will follow Emily over the next few months as she develops her campaign.

Check the Show Notes:

  • 1:14: Emily tells us about her beginnings in the world of tabletop, her experiences playing for the first time, and why she has deiced to run her first game.
  • 6:35: Emily talks about her fears that kept her from running her own game for so long.
  • 8:28: Emily talks about what system she intends to run for her game and why she decided to use the one she picked.
  • 11:24: Emily explains how she intends to do character creation and what she will and wont allow her players to play.
  • 14:27: Emily talks about what her “rough” idea for the basic story f her campaign will be.
  • 16:51: Jim gives Emily homework for the next episode and he asks one final question.