012: Emily Plays Game 1: Part 2

Emily lets us listen in on her first full session as GM. We join in on the entire game as it happened to see what people can expect to experience during a tabletop session. This is the second part of the play session.

022: Talking with Ro of Gamers’ Plane

Ro developed Gamers’ Plane, a play by post RPG site designed to expand the tabletop community. Ro and Jim talk about how Ro got into the world of tabletop, passion for play-by-post RPGs, and how playing has helped Ro deal with depression.

021: Talking with Rich Baker

Rich Baker, a talented and experienced game designer, sits down with Jim to talk about how he got started in the industry with TSR, what it was like to work on 80% of the Dungeons & Dragons releases, changes within tabletop over the past 30 years, and his work with Sasquatch Games.

020: Talking with Chris of Misdirected Mark

Chris, from the Misdirected Mark podcast, sits down and talks with Jim about the current state of the industry, the brand that is Dungeons & Dragons, what it’s like starting a production company, and shares some personal struggles he has dealt with.

019: Talking about our news with Michael

Jim sits down with Michael, from the RPG Academy, and talks about how and why Talking TableTop will be switching to the One Shot Podcast network in the coming weeks.

018: Talking with Caleb G

Caleb from the RPG Academy, a.k.a. Professor Crunch, talks with Jim about getting into gaming, his revelations about his changing interests in gaming and the RPG Academy